My love/hate relationship with computers


I’d like to think I have some pretty good nerd cred, but it can get very frustrating when dealing with Windows 8.1 and trying to get my Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid to work together. I don’t have this problem with OS X, but that’s really no surprise there.

Wacom’s driver 6.3.7-6 driver does not work very nicely with Windows 8.1. The older 6.3.6-3 works much more stable in my opinion. I’ve tried everything and nothing works with Adobe Photoshop correctly, so I’ve given up on drawing with PS on my PC, and switched to Manga Studio. Manga Studio is AMAZING. Why I didn’t switch over is beyond me.

This is the first picture I drew after a successful Windows 8.1 + reinstalling of older Wacom driver.

Anthony Vu
Anthony Vu

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