Daily Sketches



I liked Ironman movies I and II, but I couldn’t stand III. It looked like they rushed a lot of special effects and the story line was terrible. It was very difficult to watch and I love comic book movies. At least the Avenger movie was good.

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Ms. Marvel


Not only am I looking forward to the new Avengers Movie, but I’m hoping to see Ms. Marvel join their team as well.

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Peter Parker

2014-05-09 peter

I hope the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie does well. I like Marc Webb as the director, but I have this theory that once you do a superhero movie that has 3 or more super villains, then you run the risk of ruining the movie.

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Audrey Hepburn

2014-05-09 audrey

If she were alive today, she would be 85 years old. She was Hollywood’s natural beauty!

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Animated Game of Thrones


These drawings are from my version of what Game of Thrones would look like if it where animated. GoT has a huge cast and these are just some of my favorites!



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Quick Sketch – Ryu – Street Fighter

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Disney’s Maleficent

2014-04-24 Maleficent
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The Ultimate Warrior – RIP

2014-04-10 warrior

RIP The Ultimate Warrior. Loved watching WWF as a kid! This is my tribute drawing.

– antz

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Selena Kyle


“Um, Ms. Kyle, I believe you have something that belongs to me.” said her visitor.

I never really notice women’s shoes, but it’s hard not to notice Christian Louboutin shoes. Since Catwoman is a girl of elite taste, she probably “owns” a few pairs herself.

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Sketch Daillies – HAIKILI

2014-04-08 haikili

ALOHA everyone!!

Today’s drawing is the Hawaiian God of Thunder – Haikili. Not much is known about this mythical deity, but it’s just fun drawing and designing a character.

– antz

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